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It's here!

In the summer of 2022, I co-presented at the 9th International Adventure Therapy Conference, held is southern Norway, with Dr. Maurie Lung. This in and of itself was an amazing adventure. Fast forward to today, and the article based on our workshop is live!

It took a lot of work and energy to make this happen, and I am so proud to have a colleague and friend in Dr. Lung, and am so grateful for the endless support and guidance from her for this project.

Check out our article "Ex­pe­ri­en­ti­al­ly Alig­ning Su­per­vi­si­on with Ex­pe­ri­en­ti­al The­ra­py Prac­ti­ce" here: . And let me know what you think!

Also be sure to check out the amazing articles submitted from some brilliant folx around the world.

Until next time: "Strong back. Soft front. Wild heart." Brene Brown

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