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Five years and counting

We made it to FIVE years! I'm sure there are stats I could post that would make this fact super cool, but if you know me, you know I don't do numbers.

But FIVE years! That is an amazing accomplishment, and one that couldn't be done without everyone reading this. From my personal and professional support system, to the clients and families we work with. This is a celebration for all of us. WE did this.

We have done so much during our time as a small non-profit. From Adventure Therapy sessions in hammocks, to fire building, to hundreds of hands of Uno, we've done a lot.

On top of all of that, New Adventures has been represented internationally at both the 8th (in Sydney, Australia) and 9th (in Kristiansand, Norway) International Adventure Therapy Conference. I was

able to present alongside a dear friend and colleague, Dr. Maurie Lung in Norway, and it was an experience I will never forget.

During our five years, we have had two interns successfully complete their programs with us, and go on to be great clinicians.

We are also excited to have another intern with us this fall, and cannot wait to see what great work they will do.

Through all of this, we've learned a lot. One of the biggest things, though, is that we aren't alone. Ever. No matter how dark the night feels, no matter how long the sun stays away. We aren't alone. We have our family. We have our friends. We have one another.

Speaking of a support system: take a minute to read the note below.

I know without a doubt, I have the best job on the planet. And I cannot wait to see what the next five years brings us! Until the next blog: It's time for New Adventures! Where will your adventures take you?

Until next time,


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