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Meet kasey

The person

Kasey (she/her/hers), has been working with adolescents, teens, and young adults since her undergraduate internships. She has focused on working with vulnerable populations and continues to serve these populations in her graduate experience. Within this population, she has used techniques of adventure therapy in practice. Kasey is working towards obtaining her clinical license after graduation.

The clinician/ team member

Kasey graduated with her Bachelor's in Social Work from Liberty University in 2022, and is currently in the Accelerated Masters of Social Work program at the University of Kentucky, and working towards becoming a Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist (what's this?). After hearing Christy go on and on about Adventure Therapy for years, she attended the Best Practices in Adventure Therapy Conference in 2021, and the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group's pre-conference in 2022, and has been hooked since. Kasey will be interning with us beginning in August of 2023, and we are excited to what her grow into the amazing social worker and clinician we know her to be.

Christy & Kasey in Park City, Utah, August,  2021, for the Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group's Best Practices in Adventure Therapy Conference. 
Caricature made by the talented Daniel Cape at the TAPG Pre-Conference, in Black Mountain, NC, November 8-9, 2022.
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