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Meet Nolana

Nolana Khan, BSW, LSW

The person

Hi, I’m Nolana (she/her/hers).

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, a mother, and wife. I am a lover of many things that include reading, spending time with my family and friends, playing video games, learning about nuclear science, listening to music, and watching my favorite Victorian era films. I have found myself becoming a collector these past few years. So far, I’ve collected Care Bear and X-Men POPs!, manga and old gaming consoles & games.

The clinician/ team member

I have been a licensed social worker, working with many different populations from human trafficking survivors to SUD/MH for years. I must enjoy it a lot considering I am currently pursuing an advanced degree. As a child, there was a lack of support and guidance I need to thrive. From that, I’ve developed an interest in working with children. My main goal is to advocate for children. I want to create a safe and supportive environment for them and connect them with the resources and care they need to grow. I am looking forward to learning more about adventure therapy and utilizing it to  provide therapeutic healing.

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